Why Choose Us vs. All Those Other Companies?

We know you are doing your fair share of shopping around, comparing & weighing the trust you put in each of the digital archival companies to handle your precious and irreplaceable media. We WANT you to shop around and get a good feel for what each company offers…or doesn’t as the case may be. VistaPix Media is going on its 8th year of business and in those 8 years, we’ve learned a lot.  We’ve learned how to scale a business gradually, growing as the customer needs grow.  We never scaled too big to lose the main focus – YOU.  Our mission has been and will always be providing an excellent customer experience and at a price that is accessible for everyone.

We offer lots of different package options for all budgets – with shipping included as yet another way to take the stress of how to get your media to us out of the equation.  What other companies offer as “concierge” service, we offer every.single.day.  Your order is tracked and worked by the same people who watched the order being placed, prepared your shipping label and tracked when your box would be arriving.  We take great care in managing a system of checks that guarantee your order is maintained with the least number of transitions from one department to the next – always knowing where your items are at any given moment.

You’d think this is common sense, right?  I mean, what company would LOSE someone’s photos or irreplaceable home movies?  Well, unfortunately, a very popular company that you’ve probably already heard of or even visited their site in your research. Although we aren’t in the business of bashing our competitors – it has come to our attention through some nationwide reporting that Legacybox/Kodak Digitizing/Southtree (they are all one-in-the-same) has done just that – many times over.  We will let the news clip below do talking, but needless to say, sometimes, if a company has made it impossible to review them on their site, Google, or Facebook, it’s highly suspect that they have many unhappy customers.  Truth be told, with just a little bit of internet savvy, you can find lots of other ways to find out the true story on how customers really feel (check out their Better Business Bureau profile).

So, the lesson here?  Do your homework!  Compare everything – and we’ve helped with that process with the table below.  As you look over our starting price for 1,000 photos, then across to the other companies – pay special attention to everything our packages include vs. what is an “add-on” for the other companies.  Some of them end up with prices that are 2, 3 even 10 times more than our prices!  One company ships your photos off to another country for processing and you may not see them for months on end.  When all the aspects are looked at: pricing, processing time, services included & overall customer satisfaction – you simply can’t compare VistaPix with anyone else.  All 5-star reviews from customers on our Facebook page & an A+ rating with the BBB.  Go ahead, shop around – we’ll wait!