You will send us your video tapes and we will convert them to MP4 files and place them on either a USB flash drive (up to 128GB) or a 1TB external portable hard drive.  The fee we charge is for tapes up to 2 hours in length.  If your tapes exceed 2 hours, we charge $5 per hour for each hour after the first two hours.

Label your videos the best you can with a title, beginning with a date if possible so we can keep them in chronological order on the digital device.  The device will be compatible with PC/Mac (with MP4 plugin) and most newer app-based smart TVs and streaming devices.  The files can be edited and shared with others via social media, burn to DVD, or uploaded to a cloud sharing service.

If you send us tapes that end up being blank, we will not charge for those tapes, however, there is a small surcharge ($5/tape) for the technician’s time to confirm there is no data on the tape.

We accept all video formats to include: VHS, VHS-c, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV & Sony camcorder mini discs (session must be closed for us to view). Sorry, no Betamax.