Digital ICE
Our Epson V850 scanners are equipped with a tool called “Digital ICE” which stands for Image Correction & Enhancement.  We recommend having your slides processed with Digital ICE because it makes for a dramatic improvement in dust, scratch and spot removal.  It does not correct color issues – that is done on an “as needed” basis by the technician.


Running Digital ICE on slides does take significantly longer, but definitely worth the wait and additional fee associated with the service!  Even the best-kept slides accumulate some dust particles that Digital ICE can remove.  We also run color restoration to fix the color fading that can occur to slides over time.  This brings back a more brilliant color, reduces orange/green hued slides and makes skies and seas bluer.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive your slide images back in better shape than you sent them!

Please note: Digital ICE cannot be used on black & white slides/film & does not work well on original Kodachrome slides (brown frame with red stripe).