Build Your Own Box

What is a BYOB and who should buy one?

  Have quantities of items that don’t quite fit our Scan-A-Box packages?
  Have several types of media in smaller quantities that you want digitized at the same time?
  Want to purchase a package that includes round trip shipping?**

**Minimum order of $50 to receive FREE shipping ($24.95 if order totals less than $50)

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, then our NEW “Build Your Own Box” is just what you need! Our new Build Your Own Box (BYOB) is a great option to have a variety of media digitized, sample our services, or have smaller quantities of media digitized. We still include our standard services like:

  • Round Trip Shipping using FedEx Ground or USPS
  • 600dpi resolution (photos) & 2400dpi resolution (slides) with options to upgrade
  • Rotation & clean cropping of all standard images
  • 16GB USB flash drive
  • Color correction & dust removal (slides)
  • All media can be placed on the same USB and organized by folders
                      What are you waiting for? Start building your custom box today!

Build My Own Box

                                         Custom Box Pricing

Item Price
Photographs (Loose only; 2×2 up to 8×10) 25¢/each
35mm & 126mm Slides 30¢/each
35mm Negatives 35¢/per frame
Medium Format Negatives $1.50/each
Video Tapes (VHS, MiniDV, Hi8, Sony Discs) $20/each
Film Reels (8mm & Super8 – No Sound) 3″ – $15/each
4″ – $20/each
5″ – $25/each
7″ – $40/each
Audio Cassette Tapes $10/each