Photo Scanning Services

Why choose VistaPix Media for your professional photo scanning services?

  • We can scan hundreds, even thousands of photos for individual customers. Our specialization in expedient bulk photo scanning continues to set us apart from our competitors.
  • We understand the value of a photo. As a family-owned and operated business, we know that when customers send us photos of their family members or snapshots from some of their most important life events, these images are irreplaceable. That’s why we take such care to keep our services within the U.S. and ensure that photos are always safely shipped with FedEx in our custom Scan-a-Box containers.
  • We care about quality. Our commitment to providing customers with quality service is why we use industry-leading technology, and why when we see that a photo has potential for improvement, we don’t just stop at scanning.  We crop, rotate and color correct photos – all included in our Scan-A-Box packages!
  • We offer options. For example, customers can opt to receive digitized photos on a USB flash drive in addition to or instead of a data DVD, or receive a thumbnail book for convenient reference.
  • We make photo scanning affordable. Individual photos can be scanned for as little as 9 cents! We also offer great bulk photo scanning deals to make mass scanning affordable, and offer promotions and discounts often. We strive to make photo preservation through scanning a truly affordable option for our valued customers.

Learn more about our commitment to excellence and discover why customers continue to turn to VistaPix Media for photo scanning services by reading our customer testimonials.