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Having done some wedding/birthday videos myself, I know how hard and labor-some they can be. I contacted Vista Pix with my hopes in finding a quality operation to take care of my son’s wedding memory video. Not only did I send my pictures and music requests and request a quick turn-around, I got the most spectacular video I could have ever hoped for! The draft was done in a day! The movie was so well done I could not believe it! The transitions were amazing! I will use Vista Pix for any event I have. So great and everyone was so helpful even when I threw photos in at the last minute. Well done and gorgeous! The copies I ordered for family members were put in beautiful cases. I cannot say enough about this company and the wonderful job they did with my son’s special day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Lisa B. – 6/22/2016

Loading all my new digital pictures onto my PC. They are terrific. Now I can easily share them with my relatives. I don’t know why I bothered with a competitor that charges twice your rate. Thank you VistaPix.

John F. – 6/5/2016

We think you all are G-R-E-A-T and tell everyone about our experience.

Carrie J. – 6/1/2016

Thank you for your prompt return delivery. This was the perfect gift that I could give my family. We will be enjoying this for years to come!!!

Kenneth W. – 5/31/2016

This was a project I planned to do for 4 years. It took so long to do on my printer, scanner, copier that I finally surrendered after discussing with Apple and sent my first 500 photos out to be scanned. I could not be happier. This week I set up my albums and moved everything into where it belonged. The quality of the scanning was excellent.

Kathleen N. – 5/19/2016

Now it time to get the next 500 ready. Don’t hesitate if you are thinking of doing this. It is a great service for a reasonable price and will save you a lot of time.

I used Vista Pix to scan over 20 years worth of memories, with a very short turnaround time. We were incredibly impressed with the speed and professionalism with which they handled the task. We highly recommend using their services for any photo scanning needs.

Carole F. – 4/19/2016

I took a chance and sent 2000 of my photos to Vistapix. I now realize I had no reason to worry. I received reassuring e-mails along the way, and my pictures were returned exactly as I sent them and exactly when promised. The scanning job was excellent, and I have absolutely no complaints. I’m going to be sending another batch of over 1600. This company has saved me so much work and at a reasonable price!

Pat M. – 4/8/2016

My mom gave me all the family photos from my childhood recently and I didn’t know where to start in organizing & storing them. I found VistaPix and they were the perfect solution! Thank you for the great service and quality is wonderful! When I receive the USB and photo book, I looked at all the photos and cried due to all the fond memories. Thanks again. I’ll be sending more photos to you soon!!

Penny C. – 2/29/2016

Great way to get my tons of family photos organized. Don’t get it done without this service!

John F. – 2/9/2016

Our entire collection of family photographs were just collecting dust on a shelf. We sent half of the photos to VistaPix to scan and transfer to digital format. The results were outstanding! Now we can share all of these memories with our entire family. Great service for a good value.

Jim S. – 11/4/2015

Excellent! Great work! Perfect! Followed my instructions all the way. I am gathering up the next 500 photos to send.

Ann E. – 9/23/2015

I am so delighted that you were able to take old and faded pictures that could hardly be viewed, restored color and made them come alive again. You will be getting all my scanning from now on. Thank you so much from a happy customer.

Barbara P. – 9/23/2015

Thank you for scanning my pictures. I am very grateful to how well they came out and in such good order. I was impressed and pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend your company on my website www.jeffnord.wix.com/artwork .Best wishes for a prosperous future from one SATISFIED customer.

Jeff N. – 6/3/2015

I received my Red Pines videos yesterday and they are perfect. JOB WELL DONE!!!! I’m sure you could tell that I’m not too computer savvy. You helped me a great deal with my project and I appreciate it a ton. My family I know will enjoy seeing themselves through the years.

Kathy O. – 4/15/2015

They did a spectacular job. Pictures from the 1980’s look like they were taken today. Gonna do all of my photos next, I am now preparing to do a 5000 scan a box, not sure if that is big enough. But if I send more their prices are very reasonable.

George R. – 4/13/2015

So pleased to finally have 495 photos of my trip to Tibet in 1999 scanned and on a DVD . It was a daunting task I kept putting off until I read about your service and sent them to you . From the initial telephone call to the final product, all was superior . Thank you , will be sending family photos in the near future.

Connie C. – 2/6/2015

I just wanted to tell you how very pleased I am with your photo scanning service. The scanned photos have been so very well done, enhanced, fixed and made lovely. I have one USB drive for my 3 kids and one for myself. Thank you again, for a job very well done!

Caroline P. – 12/25/2014
Naples, FL

Before I chose VistaPix I look around at several other services online. When I asked the others about turnaround time many of them said up to 8 weeks or were unresponsive. VistaPix on the other hand answered when I called, was polite, and walked me through the process. I got my photos back within a week of sending them. The scans look great, are high quality, and I got my photos returned in the condition they were sent. If you are nervous about sending priceless photos (which I was) just give them a call and they will reassure you.
Carl M. – 11/26/2014

I am just finishing loading all my new digital pictures onto my PC. They are terrific & now I can easily share them with my relatives. I don’t know why I bothered with a competitor that charges 4 times your rate. Thank you VistaPix.
Gail B. – 10/26/2014
Tinley Park, IL

Received my DVD and I am so happy with your services! I bundled my 1500 photos by year and they were assembled just as I requested. It was so easy, thank you!
Judy A. – 10/3/2014
Carmichael, CA

Thank you for scanning hundreds of old pictures and slides so I could put together a photo book for my son’s 40th birthday. He was thrilled with the gift and I was so pleased with the results. I appreciated the personal service rendered as well as the great results.
Maureen F. – 9/30/2014
Merrit Island, FL

What can I say, you did a great job on my worn out photos. They look better than I thought they would look. I can’t wait to send you the next batch now that I know how good they came out. The only way it could be better is if I could view them in a slideshow. The quality was super, the service terrific, you emailed me asap and answered all my questions and kept to the deadline. Fabulous!!!!!!
Paulette K. – 9/12/2014
Bayside, NY

It was such a pleasure to work with you and your company. You made it so easy to send the photos to you, transfer them to DVD and receive them back again. I will be asking for more help soon. Also, your prices are very competitive!
Jody G. – 8/28/2014
Chicago, IL

Thank you for putting a lot of minds at ease knowing our family treasures are safer than they have ever been. Our family story will be a little easier to tell to the next generations when we have your wonderful product. I really appreciate your service and your prompt response to any question I had. I will be spreading the word.
Nancy N. – 8/26/2014
Orland Hills, IL

I sent in over 250 pictures in a very specific order. This DVD is being created for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. This DVD is awesome and amazing. VistaPix is amazing. You do everything you say you are going to do. I am so happy with the service and the product. I can’t wait to put together another set of photos to be put on DVD. Awesome wonderful job. Thank you all very much.
Todd P. – 8/8/2014
Niantic, CT

Great company, incredible service, would recommend without reservation. I wanted photos scanned in a hurry for a slide show for my son’s wedding. They replied to every email, answered every question and delivered an excellent product right on time. VistaPix Rocks!
Manohar B. – 8/5/2014
South Barrington, IL

I sent a box of 500 old photos in to be scanned and I was absolutely thrilled and astonished at the scan quality when the CD came back. And the original photos were all sent back to me safe and sound as well. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I’m now going to send in another 3,000 photos and old videos to be converted too. Keep up the great work Vista Pix!
Ashley J. 6/18/2014
Troy, NY

I wanted to get some of my pictures digitized, but I knew how incredibly time consuming it was. I researched different companies and this seemed to be the most reasonable and the reviews were good. So I started with the 500 picture order. It was easy to group and they worked with my special request for “groups” or folders. The communication was great, I knew when they got the pictures and when they were sent back to me. The pictures look super, it was relatively fast and I cannot say how happy I am. That was the best $97 I’ve spent in a long time!
Donna H. – 5/31/2014
Wimberley, TX

This is the 2nd time that I’ve used VistaPix Media and I’m just as satisfied as the 1st time. I’ve had over 3000 photos scanned and the quality is as excellant as the timely service. Thank you very much!
Roy S. – 5/31/2014
Houston, TX

VistaPix did a super job with my pictures. I had emailed and asked how much extra they would charge to upload the scanned images to an online service instead of copying them to a DVD. They responded immediately that they would be happy to do this at no extra charge. I checked the online site about 2 weeks after I sent the pictures, and there they were: 500 images organized into folders just as I had requested. Thanks, VistaPix.
Mark R. – 5/23/2014
Collierville, TN

I found this fantastic local company who scanned 1500+ photos for me for $179!
My other choice was to mail my precious pics to California then they ship them to
India (Scancafe). This local company near Sanford charged me 21 cents a picture!
And they created an index photo thumbnail book in color of ALL my pics by chapter and number. On the CD when I want to forward a pic to someone, I can reference the
photo book. I am very cheap and a skeptic when it comes to these types of things, but they made a believer out of me. (I am not getting paid nor did they give me any discount
to endorse them..) I am just thoroughly happy this is off my to do life list and I can safely store my CD and or thumbdrive in my lockbox!
Annette S. – 5/22/2014
Cary, NC

Used VistaPix to scan off 1100 old pictures. Excellent service. Your company kept me informed which I appreciated. I would highly recommend your company to anyone needing these type of services. Thanks again for the excellent job at a reasonable price. I would definitely use your company again.
Brenda W. – 5/14/2014
Robinson, IL

Very easy to do, they send you the box you put the pictures in and FedEx it back and in a couple of weeks you get the pictures back on a CD and the pictures look great. I will definitely tell family and friends about it.
Mike S. – 4/21/2014
East Amherst, NY

Thanks VistaPix. The process was seamless. My pictures are preserved..and I am so happy that you answer your phone and respond promptly.
Meredith M. – 4/19/2014
Dexter, MI

This is an amazing company, they organized and put my century old pictures on CD, always answered my e-mails and phone calls, communicated with me very well, and now I couldn’t be any happier seeing all my precious pictures on my I-Pad and PC. My old pics look so much better than I expected! I highly recommend this company to everyone and I’m definitely going to use it again.
Shakhida I. – 4/12/2014
Bellevue, WA

Everything I asked for was done. They couldn’t have done a better job. I was kept well informed of the progress and greatly appreciated that. It was promised on a certain date and it arrived right on time. Hope my kids appreciate your efforts as much as I do. Great job! I’m telling everyone I know about your service. Thank you so very much.
Jeanne S. – 4/11/2014
Kennebunk, ME

Thank you so much for the great job done on our photos putting them on a cd. You not only kept us informed that you had received them but also let us know they were being processed and again when they were in the mail back to us. I’m letting my friends know about your wonderful job!!
Barb P. – 2/17/2014
Ft. Pierre, SD

We are very happy that we chose VistaPix for organizing and preserving all of our valuable family photos. Having all of our photos at our fingertips now is a pleasure we did not know we were missing.
Michael C. – 2/2/2014
Ridgefield, CT

Vistapix did a great job taking boxes of our old family photos and scanning them so they could be enjoyed by the entire family. We’ve got lots more photos still to do and will definitely use Vistapix. Thanks!
Christopher M. – 1/18/2014
Jacksonville, FL

I was very happy to discover Vistapix as I have many years’ of photos that I’d been meaning to get scanned. The service is very well priced, clearly explained, and efficiently implemented. An initial payment hiccup was pleasantly and effectively solved. The quality of the scans was good and the mail-in box and return package well designed to be reassuringly strong. I’ll be getting together some more photos soon to be scanned!

Barnaby W.K. – 1/14/2014
Washington D.C.

Vista and her crew did a great job with my pictures, organized them just they way I asked. I asked many questions all of which were answered to my satisfaction, I will do business with them again soon. Thank you for a job well done!
Bobby U. – 1/13/2014
Dallas, TX

I wasn’t sure about the quality of the jpegs so I tried the 500 picture package first, the quality was great! I am now preparing the next 1500 pictures for transfer. In addition to a great product, the turn around time was much better than expected! Thank you for providing an excellent service with a quick turn around time. I am a very satisfied customer!
Collin R. – 1/13/14
Fleming Island, FL

We highly recommend VISTAPIX ! Our family photos look great!
Carol P. – 1/12/2014
Waterloo, IA

VistaPix is a wonderful company! The work they do is exceptional! Every time I emailed them I got immediate response. I asked for additional work to be done and it was no problem at all. Their service was fast and awesome! We had some work done by a different company that was not done right, so we sent it down to VistaPix and they redid it great! I can’t say enough about their service, prices are great, and they are wonderful people to work with. I would recommend this company to anyone…I know I will never use any other company other than VistaPix!!!
Pam O. – 1/8/2014
Ida, MI

We got the box in the mail today. We are LOVING looking at the pictures in the books. I can’t believe you condensed everything down to 12 discs. That’s amazing! You put a lot of thought into organizing them by year so we can enjoy re-living our last 30 years. It’s like looking at a scrapbook… a history of our family. I will recommend you to everyone. I am already thinking about my Mom’s old picture albums and what I might do with them. Thank you so much.

Pat S. – 10/30/2012
Pensacola, FL

Thank you so very much for the outstanding slideshow tribute to my dad and family. It was complicated and on very short notice but you got the job done and I couldn’t be happier with the final product! I highly recommend VistaPix Media to anyone who is looking for these types of services.
Kelley H. – 7/23/2012
Marietta, GA

Loved the video! It was a very fitting tribute to my prankster uncle who had a larger than life personality and a big heart to boot. This is a wonderful keepsake.
Brandi B. – 7/23/2012
Alachua, FL

Being an avid fan of genealogy, it is important to preserve records, restore old pictures, and organize the results of my research of media and resources. VistaPix has done a wonderful job in helping me with my ancestery records and pictures so that my children will be able to enjoy them.They have restored many old pictures and created funeral memorial slide show for my mother which was appreciated and enjoyed by the family.Thank you so much !
Linda H. – 12/20/2012
Peoria, AZ

I received my CDs and pictures today. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the service. I will be sharing your website with everyone I know – Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate good service – you took very good care of me.
Wendy Y. – 5/19/2013
Castleton, NY

You guys are great… thank you very much!! I appreciate the level of customer service that you have rendered during the entire process.
Craig J. – 6/12/2013
Raleigh, NC

I am in awe. Thank you SO much for preserving my 100 year old photos and making such a wonderful DVD of them. My memories are safe and “backed up” and it feels great. My mother will love this and Christmas will be so special when my entire family gets to watch the DVD and see the family pics. You really went above and beyond and I am AMAZED. This is the most wonderful company ever! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!
Madolyn S. – 12/10/2012
Ridgeland, MS

I just wanted to say Thank You for doing such a great job with my photos and for your amazingly speedy service! I’m sure that I would still be scanning photos myself if I hadn’t found you guys, so you were a true life-saver. I know that she will love this book, and that it will be something that will be passed on in our family – can’t wait to see her reaction to it!
Johannah E. – 10/20/2012
Centreville, VA

Awesome and thank you! It has been great working with you guys.
James R. – 11/26/2012
Clawson, MI

Thank you very much for your great service and quality work! This exceeded my expectations for what we planned on having at our wedding. I will definitely keep you in mind for future projects and tell everyone I know what a great quality you guys produce for such a reasonable price. We have worked with some unprofessional vendors during this time, so I very much appreciate your constant communication and efficient customer service.
Christa B. – 08/09/2012
Broken Arrow, OK

Thanks so much. The jpegs are great. We will be sending more photos over the next month or so for our wedding. Thanks again. The service has been great so far. I will share the service with my friends.
Jocelyn C. – 11/25/2012
Stamford, CT

Got the DVDs, thank you so much!!! Had a chance to view the slideshow and it looks GREAT!!! THANK YOU again for doing such a wonderful job and I look forward to debuting the slideshow to my dad! We will for sure keep you in mind for future business!
Michelle M. – 11/18/2012
Chicago, IL

Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us. We love it!
Kelly M.
New Lenox, IL