Video Slideshow Order Guide

Step 1:
Determine how many photos you would like to include in a video slideshow.
Please note the number of traditional photographs AND digital images you are using.  Based on this number, select the most appropriate package VistaPix Media offers (Basic, Deluxe, or Premiere).

Step 2:
Arrange your photos in the order you wish them to appear in the slideshow.  You may use a post-it note, light pencil (on the back), or if digital images, simply name the files sequentially (Jones1, Jones2, Jones3, etc.) in a folder that you will be uploading to our website.  If you are using a combination of digital and print images that will be scanned, be sure to make note of this during the arrangement process.

**Additional sorting fee ($25) will be charged if photos are sent to us without order notated.

Step 3:
Choose your customizations.  Every video slideshow includes your own song choices (contact us for music suggestions), a title slide, personal message slide, and even captions.  Give some thought as to what you’d like them to say to reflect the tone of the slideshow.  If you need assistance with any of the customization options, we’d be happy to help!

** A note about song choices.  There are three ways to choose your music:

• You may either tell us which songs you wish to have in your slideshow DVD and we will purchase them on your behalf from iTunes.

• You may purchase it yourself and upload it to us. Once we have completed the slideshow, we will permanently delete it from our files.

• If you own a song on a CD that you’d like to use, please send it to us and we will return it along with your completed DVD slideshow.

Step 4:
Complete the basic online Information Form on this page.  Once submitted, someone from VistaPix Media will contact you to initiate the order process and gather more information from you.

Step 5:
If you are sending us digital media, you will then upload your images, music, and video files to a shared folder we provide you.  If you are using photos to be scanned, memorabilia, or music from a CD, mailing instructions will also be given at that time.  You will receive confirmation that the order was submitted and all files were uploaded successfully (and securely).

Step 6:
After your order and images have been submitted to VistaPix Media, we will get to work on your slideshow.  You will have an opportunity to view and approve the final version of your slideshow before making your payment.  Typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks plus shipping time.  You may expedite the process for an additional $49 to have it completed within 5 business days. That’s it!

To get started, fill out the online Information Form and we’ll contact you within 1 business day.