First, it is important to have a fairly accurate idea of how many photos you have when you send them to us.  We will send you an appropriately sized box when you place the order, so if this box does not work for your items, you can use a box of your own, but there may be additional shipping fees if the box is over-weight or over-sized.

To make the photo scanning process as efficient as possible, please organize your photos by size if you do not need them in any particular order.  You may use ziplock bags, envelopes or rubber-bands (so long as they don’t damage the photos) to keep like sizes together.  This method can also be used if you have your photos in a chronological order and can group the photos together, labeling them either with a brief name or a number that sequences the order you want each group scanned.  For more information on this, visit our blog post here.

Most importantly, we encourage you to treat your photos gently, don’t overcrowd the box resulting in bending or photos or photos sticking together.  If we open a box and photos appear to be damaged, we will immediately contact you.