How To Guide:

Once you’ve done the easy part of ordering your photo scanning package from VistaPix Media, the next task is to prepare your photos for shipping and scanning.  There are many ways to accomplish this, but we’ll cover the two most common methods that will make the process smooth for both you and us.

The packages we offer are for loose photos of all sizes between 2×2 up-to 8 ½ x 11.  So, if your photos are still in albums, remove them as best you can to avoid tearing or curling.  Next, you’ll need to organize them based on how you’d like them scanned.  We recommend grouping your photos together in several stacks (100 photos or more) and packaging them in plastic baggies, rubber bands, or paper bundles.  Do not use plastic wrap, foil, or paperclips.



Here are some ideas as to how you can organize them:

Chronological:  Start from oldest to newest and either label your groups with a date range (i.e. 1970s, 1980s, etc.).  We will then scan the photos into individual electronic folders** on the disc/USB according to the labels you’ve given them.  Alternatively, you can simply number groupings according to the order you want them scanned (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.).  Choosing this method will result in your photos being placed in a single folder.

** A Note on Folders: If you’ve labeled any of your photo groupings with a name, date, etc., we will assume you want that group to be in an electronic folder on the disc/USB unless otherwise instructed.  We allow one (1) free folder per 100 photos – additional fees apply if you exceed the number of free folder allotment.

Size:  Although not required, it can be easier to pack photos if they are all in stacks of uniform size.  Place the largest ones (5×7 and larger) on the bottom of the box to avoid bending.  If you have several small photos (wallet size or smaller), please place them at the very front of the bundle they belong to.  These must be scanned separately from standard size photos, so placing them in front where the technician can see them is extremely helpful.

What Not to Do:

Please do not go overboard on the number of baggies/bundles you use.  This makes it incredibly time consuming for our technicians to remove them, scan, and replace them back in their respective packaging.  Likewise, for the safety of your photos during shipment, don’t toss them into the box with no organization whatsoever.  Even if no packaging is used, trying your best to stack them in the box, filling empty space with paper is better than nothing at all.

Don’t #1:                                                                 Don’t #2:


Contact Us with Questions:

Following our suggestions will expedite the scanning process and allow us to send your precious memories back to you that much faster.  If you have any questions as you pack your box, feel free to contact us.