Packaging Slides

First, it’s important that you remove the slides from their carousels, unless prior arrangements have been made after speaking with a VistaPix representative.  In addition, if you have AirEquipt slide magazine, please remove the slides from the metal frames as this is an extra $5/per magazine fee if they haven’t been removed prior to sending to us.


Once your slides are removed from their respective carousels, it’s time to package them up.  We recommend rubber banding them together in groups, then placing that group into a Ziploc bag with a label or number noting the order in which you’d like them scanned (of applicable).  Your order will likely be processed on 4-6 separate scanners, so if you are able to break your slides into at least that many bundles, it will make scanning very efficient.

If your slides are being stored in their original boxes, you can leave them safely inside and label the outside of each box if you know the contents.