We can scan *almost* any slide format. However, there is an additional fee for any sort of slide format that doesn’t fit into the standard dimension of 2×2. The standard (most common) formats we can scan with no additional handling fees are listed below:

As you can see, the actual image size within the mount may change, but the overall size of the slide does not. This allows us to use our pre-built templates to load 12 slides per scan on each of our Epson scanners.

Non-standard slides, or slides that are outside the 2×2 dimensions, will be charged an additional fee because they must be scanned manually and the technician must crop each image out by hand since our templates cannot be used. Non-standard formats include but are not limited to the following:

Stereo Slides





Mini 110mm (Pocket Slide)






120mm (Medium Format)





Glass Mounted slides (regardless of size)






AirEquipt Slides with Metal Frames attached






If you have any of these slide formats, please contact us first for a quantity based price quote.

Sorry, we cannot scan disc negatives/slides.