ScannerYou’ve got all your photos organized, chosen which negatives are your favorites, and found a collection of slides for VistaPix and now you’re finally ready to get everything digitized! Whether you plan to print more copies for family, or you have a big celebration coming up and need canvases, as you choose your package, you may be asking yourself – what resolution do I need for my scans?!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ll cover the best resolution for everything from 35mm negatives, to 8×10 family photos.


Loose Photos

We scan all your loose photos at 600dpi, which means we give you the highest professional quality possible for your scans. This means you can see even the smallest details in your photos (and why we suggest opting for Kodak Perfect Touch!)

Here is a simplified chart to help you find the biggest size you can print from your scans for professional quality.


Now, what is the best resolution for your slide scanning? We offer a few options for your 35mm slide scanning (35mm positive film): 2400dpi, 3200dpi and 4800dpi. We always suggest Digital ICE for any dust and scratch removal to get the best quality for your scans. The older they are, the more TLC they need!

Medium and Large Format Negatives

Medium format negatives are scanned at 2000dpi, and large format negatives are scanned at 1000dpi for our standard scanning. Because these formats typically have varying sizes, this information is a general-rule-of-thumb to keep in mind when deciding what sizes you would like to print your scans.