When is the last day to send gifts for Christmas?

usps christmas shippingTODAY is the day! It is December 15th – the day everyone is supposed to send Christmas gifts out at the latest! …Or is it?  There are a handful of factors when it comes to shipping offers and no two are really the same. So, when IS the last day to send gifts for Christmas?

The true answer to knowing when is the absolute last day to ship and order gifts for Christmas is that it depends on who you decide to ship with! Every carrier offers their own shipping speeds and other services, so we’ll break it all down for you, along with some last-minute shopping tips and essential packing tips for this holiday season.



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Before you think about shipping anything, don’t forget about the time ordering those gifts! If you ship your gifts directly from Amazon to a loved one’s home, or if everyone is coming straight to yours this year, you can order as late as December 17th as a non-Prime member, and December 22nd for Prime shoppers! Crazy? Maybe. But if you forgot something on your list or decide to add just one more gift to sit pretty under the tree, you know where to go!


shipping christmas gifts


On the other hand, if you didn’t get so lucky with ordering from Amazon, we’ve got a few essential packing tips for you to make sure your gifts arrive safely.



  • Pack at least 2 inches of bubble wrap or other commercial wrap around your box or items. Paper packing has its time and place, but imagine the speed, handling, and sheer number of packages getting delivered within the next couple of weeks…if you’re not picturing the mailroom from Whoville, you probably should be! Use the sturdy stuff!

  • Use packing boxes, not other boxes from around your home. Think back to that mail room! What is going to hold up better against all that moving, stacking and possible carelessness? A nice, thick, sturdy mailing box!
  • Throw in a packing slip of your own with your address & destination address. Sometimes things happen! Write or type up a slip with your address & the package destination address and add into your box before taping it up as an extra precaution for the package getting lost! We love when our customers do this, too!
  • Tape all your edges. This is what we do here at VistaPix Media, and it is our most highly recommended packing tip! Tape all of your seams of your boxes to avoid snow, rain or coffee getting into your packages.


You’ve got your gifts ordered, and packing down, so let’s ship!

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We hope this mini guide will help you this holiday season. Don’t forget that earlier is always better when it comes to this time of year! Happy Holidays from the VistaPix Media team!