As a child, I stumbled upon a book. It was a red book that was old, weathered looking and with that old basement musky smell that you would find in any older home basement. This book was called, “The Wrath of Agnes” and I’ve picked up that book many times to looked through those pages and wondered, “Why would anyone take these kinds of photos?”. They were vivid and certainly held an everlasting impression. I think my Pop saw the expression on my face on one of those moments I picked up that book. I remember him saying to me, “You can never stop what fire and water can do.” It didn’t make a whole lot of sense at the time. I was a young person just looking at old photos of complete devastation of not only homes and businesses, but loss of life. I remember going down to the Valley to visit friends at around the age of 9 and asking, “What are these lines on the wall and sides of the buildings of?”. The response from my friend’s mother was a remark about a storm from a long time ago. You can still see the remnants of the after math even now in certain areas of the leftover devastation this storm everyone saw coming but, underestimated what damage it would cause starting from the Yucatân Peninsula all the way up through the east coast.

We hear of MANY natural disasters, what feels like almost a daily thing these days with the help of various types of media. Floods, Fires, Tornadoes, you name it. It is unfortunate these storms and events cause such destruction and loss of life. We should also take great care in preventative measures to protect once self and families by establishing Steps of Disaster Preparedness. Create a plan, just in case an emergency were to arise, and part of your plan should be critical documents such as ID cards, Cash and Credit Cards, Personal Records, Property Information, Insurance Documents ect.

Of course we would love to take all of our belongings with us but let’s face it, hauling countless albums, photos and old tapes is just not feasible in emergency case situations. You can however, preserve and protect some of your precious memories and we can certainly help you with that. We can scan and digitize to preserve your albums, photos, slides and so much more onto devices you can take with you wherever you go.

We’ve seen what these natural disasters can do to ones home and community and preserving your memories into a digital format is just one way to keep those memories safe for the future.