While therapeutic organizing, condensing and even moving can be overwhelming at times. What to toss, what to donate, what to keep and who gets what. Amongst your precious memories of photos, slides, video and film, you may fumble around with negatives mixed in with all those fond reminiscences of the once forgotten memories that were stuck in photo albums and photo books.


Negatives can be tricky and hard to look at sometimes in their raw form depending on the sizes that you may have. You can try to hold your single frame or strip up to any natural light (maybe a magnifying glass might help!) to see what images that were once captured and realize, “OH! It would be GREAT to see these as a positive instead of a negative!”. Well, we are sure you probably have never said that, but we can certainly help turn those negatives into a positive and put them on a device for you to keep for years to come. Now, it is not as simple as just using any ‘ol scanner to bring these beauties to life again. You would need a scanner that is backlit along with good software to make this happen.


We at VistaPix Media use the latest scanner and equipment to turn those negatives (frowns) into a positive (upside downs). We digitally edit the lighting and color to turn that physical negative into normal looking positive to put onto a device where you can view your images over and over for years to come. The bonus is that if you would like to make prints in the future, you can take that device anywhere that can make prints so that you can have a physical copy.

Typically, you can get a decent scan for your negatives at 2400dpi resolution. Which is a great resolution for your viewing pleasure on any device. But, if you see that one gem (or a few) that you must have a physical print of, you can take that .jpeg file to anywhere that can make prints and make a 4×6 physical copy.

We start scanning each of your 35mm negatives (color and black and white) at 3200dpi resolution. Which is a wonderful resolution for viewing your images on your devices OR making a 4×6 physical print. If you ever wanted to make a print as large at an 8×10 we also have 4800dpi resolution is available upon request!

Negative 3200

Have other sizes or larger formats other than a 35mm? Well, we got you there too! 110’s, medium format (up to 2 ¼ x 3 ½) and large format (> 2 ¼ x 3 ½). If you are curious which negatives you may have or have additional questions on how we can help you digitize your memories, feel free to contact us to find our more.