In today’s digital era, Americans spend about 11 hours with digital media every day. From laptops and televisions to smartphones and tablets, we can access all the videos and movies we want with the simple click of a button. Today, we can easily stream a video from the internet and catch millions of videos on YouTube. According to a recent study, Americans watch more video streaming over the internet than they do with DVD and Blu-ray videos combined. Regardless of the format, videos a top source for people seeking information and entertainment.

The prevalence of video shows how our society has come a long way since ancient times, when people relied on the theatre for communication and entertainment. From the Greece’s classical theatre in the 6th Century B.C. to the Shakespearean plays that dominated the Renaissance era, theatre played a major role in the history of the western world.

Cinematography as we know it today has its roots in the old world theatre. In the past, people turned to the theatre in large numbers to be entertained. While the theatre is still prominent today, people widely rely on videos for information, communication and entertainment.

View our infographic below to learn more about the history of video and to see how film has evolved over time.

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