How many photo albums do you currently have in your possession? What about boxes of loose analog photos, or photos displayed in frames throughout your home? If you’re like most of us, you have hundreds, possibly even thousands, of traditional analog photos that represent some of the most cherished people and moments in your life. From images of weddings, to photos of grandkids, to pictures of old relatives, these snapshots in time are irreplaceable. That’s why many of us have that framed photo display on the mantelpiece, or why we keep that box of photo albums tucked away in our closets.

However, the truth is that these analog photos will deteriorate over time.

Even framing or “safely” storing analog photos doesn’t wholly safeguard them from the natural consequences of aging. This deterioration process can be accelerated with light exposure, humidity, fluctuating temperatures, water damage and exposure to pollutants. This can outright destroy or significantly damage the quality of your photos in numerous ways, including fading, discoloration, damaged edges and cracking.

Photo preservation can be a particularly important aim for senior citizens who’ve amassed a large collection of analog photos, photos they no doubt would like to see continue to be cherished by family members in the future. The uncertainties that often accompany individuals at this stage of life—such as the loss of a spouse or the selling of a home—can also leave many seeking alternative ways to protect photos.

Enter the supremely simple photo scanning solution.

Photo scanning exists as today’s most effective long-term solution for preserving photos. Photo scanning converts analog photos into digitized files that can be stored on a variety of mediums, including flash drives, computer hardware, cloud computing environments, discs…the list could go on. Converting photos to digital formats presents a number of advantages, the first of which is the fact that owners can now have not one, but two copies of their images. Should that iconic image of your grandchild’s first birthday ever suffer from water damage, you’ll have the ability to view and even print the photo again from a digital file.

Photo scanning is also advantageous because it can allow photos to be shared easily. Worried that the photos you’ve kept safe for years won’t find their way to your kids when you’re gone? Copy and send them to your kids via email, flash drive, or CD and rest easy.

Why is it simple?

Scanning your collection of analog photos is an endeavor that even the most technologically un-savvy individuals can manage. Those interested in photo scanning simply need to send in their collection of analog photos to VistaPix Media (upon requesting a Scan-a-Box) and wait for photos to be sent back within a few short weeks, this time accompanied by a disc with newly digitized images. There’s no need to fuss with scanners, software, or study up on ways to increase image resolution or lighting—that’s all taken care of by us! In short, if you have a mailbox, you have access to attaining high-quality photo scanning services.

Why not make one of your New Year’s resolutions be scanning your analog photos? Photo scanning is essential for preserving priceless memories and more simplistic than ever. Start your photo scanning process with VistaPix Media today!