Photos to DVD Have you ever seen an old photo and it brought back fun and priceless memories?

Everyone appreciates the timelessness of a photograph; they preserve your memories, and the photo essentially becomes the image of the memory. However, most photo collections are still not archived digitally and could have the chance of being lost forever. For those who cherish these digital photographs, the thought of losing them can be devastating, if not heartbreaking. After all, scrapbooks were created for a reason; to share photos, memories, and experiences held which are absolutely invaluable.

The simple way to preserve life’s memories with family and friends is to simply upload them digitally. So, why not have fun with old photos by transferring them to a DVD?


Having New Fun with Old Photos

  • Share with Family and Friends. Sharing and sending old photos is a fun way to relive your memories with friends or family. You can simply email photos or share them socially. And, with social media becoming one of the most prominent ways of sharing images, there is no reason why you shouldn’t create a Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, or other photo sharing platform to display your beloved images.
  • Create a Facebook Album. A great way to share online photos is through Facebook. You can tag your friends and write comment the photos you really like. As social creatures, we thrive on viewing images others have taken, especially when it comes to fun events, parties, or gatherings in which you could have missed out. Additionally, it helps to keep up with friends you haven’t seen in a while to take a look at their lives and to see what they have been up to lately. When you create a Facebook album, you let the same thing happen for others: you show them your life and your current endeavors.
  • Create a Slideshow with Music: There are many simple programs out there you can create fun slideshows with music. Just google “create a slideshow with music” or use Windows Media Center. This is an excellent option if you are interested in visually showing your friends and family your images with accompanying and appropriate music; particularly your favorite songs or compositions, of course.


How to upload your photos to DVD?

The digital archiving machines are expensive and the process is time consuming. It is best to work and partner with a company who can handle the tedious work for you so you can just enjoy your forever lasting photos and memories. Regardless, uploading your photos to a DVD has a plethora of benefits which can prove to be a cherished item in your household. Also, creating a digital scrapbook and a professional video slideshow with music is another great way to cherish your memories.

Whether you decide to engage in social image sharing via Instagram, Flickr, or Pinterest—or if you decide to create Facebook photo albums to show your friends and family your current state of affairs—or even if you decide to upload your photos to a DVD, one thing’s for certain: photos last a lifetime, and provide the memories you need when you choose to reflect or enjoy the past.