Getting married is one of the biggest milestones you can experience and the special day is definitely one to remember. All the preparation that goes into weddings can take months and even years to plan which makes it even more special because it takes quite some time to get everything the way you want it. Every couple who has gotten married over the years can remember the time it took to plan but when looking back at the photos and video, it was worth every minute. However, are those wedding photos and videos in jeopardy?

Taking a look back at technology just from 10 to 15 years ago, we were at the cusp of the digital transition and professional photographers & videographers were still heavily relying on film-based devices. This means all those wedding photos that predate the digital evolution are more than likely the only copies you may have and overtime, they can deteriorate. It’s the same situation for VHS tapes, too! Instead of hoping your wedding photos and videos last, it may be time you consider the option of revitalizing and restoring them.

Photo Restoration

Don’t let time jeopardize your wedding photos because restoring and revitalizing your wedding photos could be the best idea yet to preserve their sentimental value. When you restore old photos, you can expect to see faded colors come back to life, fold marks & dirt eliminated and the brightness, contrast and sharpness retouched for the perfect picture. Imagine being able to access your wedding album on a computer and having an infinite amount of copies available – it gives you the assurance that you can always look back on your special day.

Gift Ideas

In addition to the fact that you’ll have a limitless supply of your wedding photos, you can also craft them into fantastic anniversary gifts! But of course, just having them restored and converted into digital copies could be a gift in itself; you can take it another step further with some creativity. Take one of your most favorite photos that feature both of you and frame it as an anniversary gift. Or combine all the wedding photos and videos together for a slideshow! The options can truly be whatever you envision which makes the gift even more unique.

However, your spouse isn’t the only one who can be excited to receive a gift like this because you can also share your wedding photos with the people who were in your wedding. Send your friends, who were in the wedding party, a few print-outs of the group or pass out copies to family members. On top of that, you can share your wedding photos online through social media to let others relive the day.

Are you ready to restore your old wedding photos?