Looking for a more interesting way to cherish your favorite family photos? A truly unique family photo frame could be just what you’re looking for to celebrate your treasured memories.  Photo frames have become far more innovative and inventive in recent years as their colors, shapes, arrangements and materials push the boundaries of tradition and expectation. In fact, photo frames are now often used as prominent decorative pieces that contribute significant style to a room.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s also the perfect time to consider giving the loved ones in your life the gift of a fun and quirky photo frame for their favorite family picture. So what exactly could a fun family photo frame look like? Consider the following inspirations.

A Black and White Geometric Wall Collage

Make a bold statement with a geometric wall collage, featuring black and white family photos with white matting in black frames of varying square and rectangular sizes. Photo frame collages can be arranged to accommodate any space (smaller collages with a block just four photos look great, too) and the use of a framed family symbol on black matting as a centerpiece is a clever way to draw focus and create unity.

A Photo Family Tree

As with the geometric collage, when it comes to photo frames creativity may lie more in the photo frame arrangement than the frame itself. Take the photo family tree for example; using metal or wooden tree wall element with the “family” placard as a base (which could be purchased or hand-made, if you’re ambitious), photos are placed among branches to provide a perfect depiction of a family tree. We love the mix of group family photos and individual photos as well as the use of matching filters and matting for continuity.

Upcycled Frames

Repurpose old wood with an adorable vintage wood photo frame, with customizable layered cork matting. Repurposed or reclaimed wood boards intended for use as frames can be purchased or created in true DIY fashion. Look for wood boards that offer a more weathered appearance with individual boards that vary in tone; especially if your upcycled frame is also intended as a decorative piece, the more character it has, the better.

A Corner Frame

We’ll bet you haven’t seen a photo arrangement like this before. Take photo frames to a whole new level with stacking corner frames, each of which places two adjoined photos on adjacent sides of a wall. Stackable corner frames can be arranged in varying sizes and are sure to add an element of interest to any living space. We like the idea of using each level to frame two thematically related photos (photos from the same event, for example), but regardless of specific arrangement, with corner photo frames your photos are sure to stand out!

A Map Mat Frame 

Perfect for the family that loves to travel or the family member away from home, a map matted frame is a simple, inexpensive way to contribute a distinct personal touch to a family photo. Overlay a fitted map in any basic frame and insert your desired picture on top. For added meaning, frame the section of the map that features the location where your picture was taken.

Pie Tin Frames

We never would have guessed that pie tins would have such varied uses, yet crafty DIYers have found a clever way to repurpose these kitchen staples as eye-catching photo frames. We love the unique circular shape and added element of dimension these photo frames afford. Perfect to hang on the wall of a quirky bedroom or kitchen! Note that your photos will need to be specifically cut to fit the circular shape of the tin, which is why in this instance we recommend framing copies of photos, rather than originals.

A Photo Collage Mat

Maximize the space of a photo frame with a matted collage, which uses a photo collage to replace a traditional mat. Collage mats are perfect for the times you can’t choose just one photo to display, but don’t have the space to frame each one. Photo collage frames can work well as thoughtful anniversary or graduation gifts as a means to include favorite photos throughout the years.

Illuminated Frames

An arrangement of illuminated photo frames is guaranteed to make your favorite family photo shine! Frame three or four (depending on desired shape of the arrangement) family photos in identical frames with their backs removed, and glue ends together to form a triangle or square. In the center, place a flameless candle. Simple as that!

A Newspaper Frame

Matting a photo with a newspaper is another great way to help capture a moment in time.  Ideal for weddings, births, graduations or any major life event, a newspaper from the day of a memorable milestone can remind individuals of just what the world was like on their special day. Some newspaper matted phots are simply overlain with glass and hung on walls, but this clever photo idea can be adapted for a free-standing frame as well.

An Oversized Wallpaper Frame

An oversized, wallpapered photo frame is perfect for those looking to both honor their favorite photos and enhance the style of their living space. Find a large frame that works for your wall (perhaps in the ballpark of a 3ftx3ft frame) and remove glass. Repaint and refinish the frame to your liking, and select a patterned wallpaper print to overlay in the background. From there, place your desired number of family photos in smaller frames and mount on the wallpaper inside the larger frame!

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