We can’t think of any celebration—wedding, anniversary party, graduation party, bridal shower, etc.—that wouldn’t benefit from an adorable, clever photo display for guests to enjoy. There are a currently a multitude of display options for party planners to choose from, but the challenge lies in finding the right inspiration to suit your taste and party parameters. That’s why at VistaPix Media, we’ve compiled our 10 favorite party photo displays for an easy overview of options.

1.  A Clothesline Display

Ideal for the backyard party, a clothesline photo display only requires string and clothespins, used to hang old photos on an elevated line. The clothesline can be adapted for both large and small displays at varying heights, and looks best with multiple levels of lines.

2. A Slideshow

A slideshow of old photos is perhaps one of the most versatile means of sharing memories, as slideshows can be adapted to music, include voice overs, can be enhanced with transition features, graphics and introductory slides, and be shared digitally for guests to enjoy even after the conclusion of an event.

3. Photo Confetti

Now here’s a fun way to celebrate your favorite images: photo confetti! After scanning old photos to a digital medium with our scanning service, party planners can order their images to be included on confetti circles from a third party vendor. Sprinkle photo confetti across the tables of your event as an easy way to share your memories with guests, who can even take a piece of photo confetti with them!

4. A Photo Tree

This twist on the clothesline display features hanging photos that dangle from strings attached to the branches of a compact, decorative tree or plant (as seen in photo). We recommend matting photos for durability and for the potential to paste photos on both sides of the matting.

5. The Bike Wheel

If you’re looking for a photo display that’s truly out-of-the-box, consider creatively repurposing an old bike wheel by placing your old photos within its spokes. Position your photo-filled wheel on raised surface for optimal viewing and voila, you have yourself an eclectic, accessible that can’t be missed!

6. The Classic Scrapbook

Who said scrapbooks were going out of style? We still see these crafty creations as an effective way of making your favorite old photos easily available for browsing at your guests’ convenience. Plus, a scrapbook affords the added benefit of providing personal descriptions and decorations.

7. Photo Centerpieces

Intend to feature centerpieces at your upcoming celebration? Consider incorporating old photos into your centerpiece design with the help of a glass vase and any added elements of your choosing. Simply place old photos inside a glass centerpiece facing outward and the sky is the limit in terms of additional decoration.

8. Mason Jar Candle Centerpieces

If you’re in search of a simplistic way to share photos at your next event, look no further than a Mason jar centerpiece. Find Mason jars that accommodate the size of your old photos and insert photos inside along with a flameless tea light for added illumination. Mason jar photo centerpieces are perfect for the vintage wedding reception or intimate anniversary gathering.

9. A Photo Window Pane

Repurpose an antique wooden window frame to insert photos behind each glass pane. An ideal style for old black-and-white photos of relatives for display at weddings and anniversary parties, the photo window pane can be mounted or positioned on a table with a surrounding decorative arrangement.

10. Enlarged Photos

Lastly, one of the easiest and most effective ways to draw attention to a cherished old photo at an event is to enlarge a photo for display. Place enlarged photos in frames that match the aesthetic of the event on each table, or arrange them collectively in a consolidated photo display. We suggest incorporating varying sizes of enlarged photos in equally diverse frames for added visual appeal.

Inspired to with new ways to display old photos at your next celebration?  Before your embark on your next photo project, let VistaPix Media’s photo scanning service convert your favorite old photos to digital files for optimal preservation and use in slideshows, videos and more. VistaPix Media also offers premier restoration services to return old photos to their original condition with color enhancements, stain removal and more.