Digital formats have swiftly replaced most analog forms of media, and as a result, an increasing number of individuals seek to transfer their valuable photos to the more simplistic and modern digital format. While many see attempting to make these important conversions on their own as practical, there are significant drawbacks to DIY photo scanning. Instead, we recommend turning to a professional photo scanning service to ensure your valuable memories are optimally converted and preserved. Here’s why:

Top Photo Scanning Equipment for Best Results

Don’t let the frustration of timely DIY photo scanning prevent you from preserving your priceless memories. Turn to a professional service instead!

Don’t let the frustration of timely DIY photo scanning prevent you from preserving your priceless memories. Turn to a professional service instead!

To understand the advantages of using a professional photo scanning service, it’s helpful to know what’s involved in the process of photo scanning itself. Scanning photos requires the possession o f a high-quality scanner, such as a flatbed scanner for regular analog photos up to 8×10” in size, which run at approximately $200. This may seem like a reasonable price, but if your photos require repair and enhancement, or if you are converting negatives and slides, that will demand the use of a film scanner and image correction software. Image correction software runs at about $140 dollars and up, while film scanners cost over $2,000 dollars. Selecting the right brand of each of these products is essential; to ensure your photos are optimally converted, you’d need to make an informed choice based on research and reviews. What’s more, quality scanning requires a fair depth of knowledge as to the specifics of photo characteristics like resolution, sizing, and selecting photo file formats, along with an understanding of the image correction software you may be utilizing to repair scratching, color shifting and fading. Photos should also be cleaned before scanning, but this requires the utilization of special cleaning solutions and cloths. Improperly cleaning a photo could cause damage to its appearance.

How long does it take to Scan Photos?

And, did you know? The average American adult possesses over 3,000 printed photos, and research suggests that the typical untrained individual will need 7.5 minutes to scan one picture to a digital format. Multiply that by even just 1,000…and you get the picture. Even a photo scanning professional needs approximately five minutes to accurately scan and optimize a single photo, so there’s no getting around the necessity of time. Your use of a professional photo scanning service could truly save you hours of time and effort.

It’s easy to see why increasing numbers of people are turning to these efficient, convenient services to ensure their priceless photos are cared for under the expertise of a professional, for far less expense and time. What can a professional photo scanning service like VistaPix Media specifically offer you?

At VistaPix Media, we professionally scan each of our customers’ photos by hand with the most advanced scanning technology in the industry. All of our photos are scanned at 600dpi, the highest photo resolution, and your photos will also always be optimized by our professionals for cropping, color enhancement, and dust and scratch removal.  In addition, our images are scanned as JPEG files, which are compatible for download to PC/Mac computers.


photo restoration 2

VistaPix Media can fully restore and repair any photo when converting to a digital file, as seen above.

Even better? Our prices reach as low as 9 cents per scanned photo, and we offer a discount package for scanning 500 photos for just $69 dollars. We never include hidden fees, and photo scanning shipping costs are included.

We make it simple, too. When you’re ready for your photos to be scanned, simply request a Scan-A-Box package online, which will be delivered right to your door and where you can place your photos to be mailed back to us. In just 2-4 weeks, your original photos and a DVD of your newly transferred digital files will be delivered right back to your door.

VistaPix Media also takes pride in guaranteeing that all of our services are conducted in the United States. Your photos will never be shipped overseas, but instead handled right here in our North Carolina facility.

Contact VistaPix Media today to start your photo conversion process. We can be reached by phone at 1-866-277-3401 Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm or online at our contact page. We look forward to working with you!