If you’re like most of us, somewhere in your closet or basement there’s a stack of now-ancient VHS tapes collecting dust. We know the days of VHS players are long behind us, but this doesn’t mean your VHS collection should end up neglected. Instead, consider simply updating your collection and convert those VHS tapes to DVDs.  Why? Let VistaPix Media explain.

Preserve Memories

At VistaPix Media, we know that your VHS tape collection contains many meaningful memories. Most of us relied on these tapes to store footage of countless Christmas mornings, Little League games, and a host of other sentimental life events that shouldn’t be lost to the progression of technology. Since it’s reasonable to assume VHS players will be obsolete in years to come, take the time now to convert your priceless memories to the DVD format to guarantee future accessibility and viewing for you and your family.

Share Videos Easily

Transferring your VHS data to a DVD opens up an array of new options for sharing your content. With a DVD, files can be uploaded to a computer and posted on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. This presents a great opportunity for extended friends and family to enjoy memories from home footage from their own computers; videos on DVD can even be uploaded and sent via email for others to download and save. Imagine sending your kids video of their past birthday parties or championship games with just the click of your mouse.

Create New, Enhanced Video Projects

A digital file of your home movies also creates new opportunities for video editing. Add title slides, background music, transition features, voice overs, text and more to your videos with easy-to-use editing programs, like Apple’s iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or CyberLink Power Director. These video edits can enhance your overall viewing experience, make for a fun project with the family, or help create a sophisticated DVD to be given as a gift.

Create Videos/Slideshows for Special Events

The transfer of VHS videos to DVDs can further offer the advantage of producing videos and slideshows for special events, such as weddings, anniversary parties, graduations, etc. With footage stored on a DVD rather than a VHS tape, film can be easily projected to a large audience in any venue from just laptop or other portable digital device.  DVDs also allow for the compilation of footage from numerous VHS tapes. Your parents’ 50th anniversary celebration can now be complete with a video that seamlessly covers their marriage from footage throughout the decades.

Preserve Quality

Did you know? DVDs can last over 100 years without any deterioration in quality. Conversely, VHS tapes can lose their quality in as little as five years, as VHS tape data is stored magnetically and subject to humidity, electricity and magnetic fields.  DVD data, on the other hand, is preserved optically and therefore not subject to any exterior elements or electricity. What’s more, DVDs can be duplicated multiple times without any loss of quality.

Interested in converting your VHS tapes to DVDs? Contact VistaPix Media today, where we provide exceptional video transfer services, along with options for slideshow productions, photo restoration and slide scanning services. We can be reached at 1-866-227-3401 or via email on our contact page. We look forward to helping you make the most of your memories!