There are few things more treasured or sentimental in life than a personal family photograph, which is why at VistaPix Media, we’re dedicated to ensuring that photographs can be easily preserved, enhanced and repurposed in a convenient manner. While photo and video preservation services are worth investing in any time of year, the holiday season is the perfect time to take advantage of these services to give the loved ones in your life something personal they’ll truly cherish. The best part? We even offer discounts for bulk corporate orders or holiday orders for gifts! So if you’re interested in making the most of your holiday gifting this year, consider how VistaPix Media can help:

Photo Scanning

Most of us have boxes or photo albums filled with decades-old photos that experience fading and deterioration with each passing year. And as much as we don’t want to admit it, we know that someday, our priceless photos will no longer be viewable. However, photo scanning is an easy, simple and highly effective way to preserve photos through conversion to a digital format. How does it work?

VistaPix Media

Simply request one of our Scan-a-Box packages and send back with the old photos you’d like digitally scanned. Using some of the most advanced scanners in the industry and Kodak Perfect Touch technology, we’ll then scan your photos to a digital format (JPEG image files) with 600pdi resolution and conduct any necessary color restoration or rotation. The process only takes 2-4 weeks and is conducted at our facilities right here in the United States.

With digital files, you’ll now be able to continue to view your priceless photos regardless of the physical condition of your original photos, as well as benefit from numerous opportunities to repurpose your photos in unique ways that can make great holiday gifts (think photo mugs, photo canvases, etc.).

Video Transfer

Perhaps you also have a collection of old video footage on 8mm tapes, VHS/VHS-C or Mini-DV tapes, all of which have or are quickly becoming obsolete. Rather than letting these valuable memories become inaccessible as a result of the advancement of technology, let us help you preserve your footage with our video to DVD conversion services.

Our process is simple: Order your video or film Scan-a-Box from VistaPix Media and ship back it back to us with the video footage you’d like converted. We’ll then convert your footage to an .mpeg format that is compatible with all DVD players, PCs and nearly every line of Mac computers. When the process is complete, we’ll ship your new digital footage back with your original tapes!

As with photo scanning, video to DVD conversion can also pave the way for unique gift ideas this holiday season with a little help from video editing programs. Give your footage a dose of cinematic quality with features like introductory slides, captions, music overlays and more! Plus, now that your footage is available on a digital format, it can easily be copied and shared with multiple family and friends.

Video Slideshows

Your newly digitized photos can also be repurposed with our professional video slideshow services. We’ll create a DVD slideshow that features selected digitized photos and implements the theme, music, captions and effects that reflect your specific preferences. We’ll also create a custom DVD package printed in full color and complimentary photo enhancements on every photo. Simply upload your digital files to our website and we’ll offer a free preview of your slideshow before final completion to ensure customer satisfaction. So whether you’re planning a winter wedding or creating a slideshow for your holiday family party, our video slideshow service is a quick, cost-effective way of attaining a quality product.

Photo Restoration

Have an old photo that has already suffered from damage? At VistaPix Media, we can easily restore old photos to their original quality with our photo restoration services. After scanning your photo to the highest resolution possible, we’ll take care to enhance your photo in every way possible, from restoring faded colors, correcting color imbalances, removing dirt, scratches and stains, adjusting brightness and contrast, or converting to a black and white filter for a stylistic effect. As we understand just how delicate some photos can be, we’ll also gladly accept any scanned images uploaded to our website.





Interested in converting old slides to a digital format? We can do that, too! Find more information on our pre-paid slide scanning services here, and visit us online or call 1-866-227-3401 to learn more about all of our photo and video services this holiday season.