Looking for the PERFECT gift?  No need to wait until Black Friday!

When VistaPix Media first started offering bulk photo scanning in the form of our Scan-A-Box, we knew it would be a hit.  An all-inclusive photo scanning package for $199 for up-to 1,600 photos that includes everything our competitors offer for hundreds  less (yes, I said hundreds)!  Not only that, but we threw in postage, shipping material, and a high-quality thumbnail book to easily reference the photos we’ve scanned.  Sure enough, it was a hit!  What we found though, is that our clients were looking for more customization when it came to the quantity of photos they needed scanned.  Some needed smaller packages while others needed thousands more photos scanned.   With that in mind, we rolled out 3 new Scan-A-Box packages in October (in addition to our standard $199 Scan-A-Box):

$69 for Up-to 500 Photos

$999 for Up-to 10,000 Photos

$199 for Up-to 1,000 Slides (35mm)

Now you have options!  We still offer all the great quality and service with any of the Scan-A-Box packages you order, including a new feature that is a great idea for Christmas gifts!  We are now offering an add-on option for digital frames.  Simply order any Scan-A-Box package and let us know you’d like to have the photos scanned and loaded to a digital frame.  We will scan your photos to a high-capacity SD card (SDHC) and then load them to an 8” premium photo frame for just $75 additional (including frame)!  This would be a great gift for a parent or grandparent!

We can also upload your photos to a cloud-based or social media site for no additional chargeWhat a great way to share those family memories with those near and far!  If you need help choosing a cloud-based service, just ask us and we can make a recommendation based on how many photos you’ll be scanning and sharing.

We’re excited about our new scanning packages and the ability to offer more options to you. We’re constantly looking for new ways to expand our products and services to suit your needs, so stay tuned for continued development of our scanning packages as well as slideshow options.  We pride ourselves on a level of customer service unparalleled in the e-business industry.  We focus on individual attention, frequent communication, prompt processing and order delivery, and the ability to personalize each order uniquely.  We hope you will try us out and order your Scan-A-Box package today!

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