As we close in on Thanksgiving, a day that marks the start the of the Season of family, we here at VistaPix Media want to offer up a challenge.  Obviously, just getting through the Season with the hustle and bustle is challenge enough, but ours involves – slowing. down.  First, we’ll pose a question:  when was the last time you sat down with your family, immediate or extended, and flipped through old family albums, watched home movies, or broke out the old slide projector?  I’m guessing it’s been a while for most, maybe even never for some.  Why not this year, sit down with your loved ones around the kitchen table after clearing the last pumpkin pie plate away and pull out that box of old photos sitting in mom and dad’s closet?  We promise it will create brand new memories while reliving the old ones.  Our proof?  A comment from a happy customer recently:

“We are LOVING looking at the pictures in the books.  I can’t believe you condensed every thing down to 12 discs. That’s amazing! You put a lot of thought into them so we can enjoy re-living our last 30 years. It’s like looking at a scrapbook; a history of our family.” – Pat S.

The next challenge is to share those memories on paper with your family even after they’ve gone home.  And no, we don’t mean divvying up the photos evenly among everyone (although if your family gets along that well, kudos to you)!  Since you’ve already got all those photos out, why not have them scanned digitally and give everyone those memories on disc?  Another VistaPix customer did exactly that for her family this Thanksgiving.  Over 2000 photos scanned, uploaded to a photo sharing site, and 30 discs created for each of the family members.  Why did she do it?

“My last grandparent passed away three weeks ago and we’re working to clean out the house. Being the loving grandparents they were, they have pictures of EVERYTHING from the time they were dating to every dance or game the grand kids played. As a family, we’ve had a blast looking through the boxes of photographs but we need a way to share them.  I’m looking for a way to get all of the prints (over 1000+) to disk and share them with all of the families (my grandparents had 6 kids and now 13 grand kids). We don’t want to lose the memories and the stories behind all of the photographs.”

So, in this Season of Family, we challenge you to give thanks for the memories shared among loved ones and continue sharing them all year long.  Let us help you share the love with our Scan-A-Box photo and slide scanning packages starting at $69.  We also offer photo slideshows, photo restoration, and digital frame gift packages.  Visit us at: for more information or contact us at: 866-227-3401.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The VistaPix Media Team