Even More Reasons to Get Your Photos Scanned

You probably didn’t realize the “season” was upon us, did you?  Well, it is!  Hurricane season for those living in the south-eastern coastal states, moving season for a lot of military and civilians alike, and even time to start thinking about the Holiday season that will be prematurely imposed on us by September in most retail outlets.  It will be time to start thinking of creative ways to give gifts beyond the Target gift card or Beer of the Month club membership.  So, the answer to all of these “seasonal” issues is photo scanning.

I use hurricane season as an example because it’s the time of year we’re currently in, but no matter where you live, there’s potential for a natural disaster whether it be a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or fire.  You always hear talk of “preparedness” relating to having extra supplies on hand, an escape route, a plan of action.  All of these are necessary and very important to your family’s well being and safety, but what about the safety of the one-of-a-kind mementos like photographs?  I am certainly not implying that you should pack up your 12 boxes of family photographs in the SUV while a hurricane is steps from your door; on the contrary actually.  Have a plan ahead of time!  Get those photos scanned and put on discs, send a copy to a relative for safekeeping or put them in a safe deposit box.  That way, if a natural disaster strikes, you have one less thing to worry about and can focus on you, your family, and home.  Will having a backup digital copy of the photos take away all of the anguish you would have if you lost the originals in a disaster?  No, probably not…but if you didn’t have that backup, how awful would it feel to be left with no mementos at all? It takes just a few minutes to organize and pack up your photos to be scanned, but the reward is so much greater in the comfort of knowing those treasured family photos, documents, and memories printed on paper can remain timeless and undamaged.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to say “coulda, shoulda, woulda”.

Summertime is also a season of relocation.  Coming from a military family myself, most of our moves have occurred in the summer.  But no matter when you relocate, if you are leaving it in the hands of movers, chances are that something will get damaged or lost.  It’s happened to me, and it’s happened to many of our friends.  Watching your personal belongings get packed up, shipped off in multiple trucks, and possibly even stored for a length of time in a poorly climate controlled storage facility…well, it makes me cringe even now and I’m not moving!  The chances of water damage, heat exposure, theft, and just plain carelessness is high.  I have personally experienced them all in the span of 12 years and 6 moves.

So, those of you who move often have a very compelling reason for photo scanning!  You can only hide those boxes of photos in the back of the closet for so long until it’s time to move again (they can’t be too buried, can they?).  A great time to start the process is in those first few weeks of organization before the move when you are pulling everything out and deciding what to keep, donate, pack, etc.  Put those photo boxes to the side and order a few Scan-A-Box packages from us.  We can get your photos scanned within 3 weeks; and that’s from the time you package up your photos using the boxes and postage we provide to the day they arrive back on your doorstep along with the CDs that they’ve all been transferred to.  Keep the CDs with you on the move, let the movers take the photos and hopefully you are happily reunited with all of your belongings at your destination.

Then there’s that Season that everyone experiences every year (no, not allergy season).  The holidays seem to creep up on us quickly and before you know it, we have gone from wearing flip flops to donning our ugliest Christmas sweaters for that holiday party our boss invited us to!  I don’t know about you, but every year it gets harder and harder to find something creative to buy my loved ones.  Sure, I could enroll my mom in Julia Child’s School of Gastronomy or sign my dad up for a month of kickboxing lessons, but let’s be honest, they’ve been there and done that. 😉  What they could really use is to have their 13,243 photos (approximately) scanned and saved digitally forever.  I know it makes my mom’s heart go pitter-patter with the mere mention of the word “family keepsakes” or “our heritage”.  (She’s probably getting teary-eyed just reading this right now).  Let this be a subtle suggestion for all of you kids who don’t know what to buy their parents this holiday season.  It will not only benefit them, but hopefully you and your children as well!

So there’s just a few reasons to get those photos scanned; see my previous post “The Why” for the more gushy and sentimental reasons.  I hope you’ll consider one or all of them and then visit vistapixmedia.com and order your Scan-A-Box package today.

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