Creative Ideas for Using Digital Images 

Great job! You’ve followed our advice and had your photos scanned using our Scan-A-Box package at: You now have thousands of high quality photos saved to DVD and are wondering what to do with them next, right?  Here’s our suggestions:

1. Upload them to an online photo sharing or Cloud site.  Uploading your images to an online site will actually serve two purposes.  First, it acts as a secondary backup location for your photos.  Second, it allows you to share the photos with anyone you wish.  Photo sharing websites are plentiful; some are free while others require a monthly fee to use.  Although we don’t recommend one over any other, storing your photos on reputable sites such as SmugMug, Flickr, and even social media sites like Facebook and Google+ offer photo storage you can trust.  You can set your own privacy levels to allow others to view…or not. Cloud backup sites such as Dropbox, Carbonite, or will charge you a fee based on how much space you use, but will also be reliable and safe.  Also check with your internet provider, they may offer a backup service free of charge as a part of your subscription (Cox, Comcast, etc.).  If you already have a photo sharing or cloud account, we would be happy to upload your scanned photos for you, just ask us how!

2. Order/Make additional copies of DVDs.  If you want a more conventional way of sharing photos with your family and friends, you can always request more copies of your original disks.  We are happy to create as many copies as you’d like for a nominal fee.  We store your photos for 1-year to allow you the opportunity to re-order at any time.  If you aren’t going to utilize an online form of backing up your photos, it’s always a good idea to make an additional copy of each disk and put one away for safekeeping (safe deposit box, send to another family member/friend, or a fireproof safe).

3.  Create photo gifts.  There are several vendors who provide anything from coffee mugs, to calendars, to photo puzzles.  This is a great way to create something out of a memorable photo to give to a parent, grandparent, or spouse that can be admired day after day.  VistaPix is preparing to offer several keepsake gift options to order with your photo scanning service…stay tuned!  We currently offer the highest quality reprints/enlargements if there are any photos you are particularly fond of and would like larger versions.

4.  Purchase a digital photo frame to display the pictures.  Why not stay up with the times and create a modern display of your favorite old photos from the past?  If you have pictures of your kids growing up, load them all onto a digital frame to display chronologically through the years.  This is another great gift idea for a grandparent!  Frames can cost anywhere from $40 to $400 depending on size, capacity, and manufacturer so there’s always one to fit every budget.   kodak-easyshare-p725-digital-frame

5.  Create a photo slideshow.  Okay, so we’re a little biased on this one since we offer professional photo slideshow DVDs, but this is another great gift idea or keepsake.  How about a slideshow to give your son/daughter on their graduation day or your parents on their 50th wedding anniversary?  Now that you have all of your old photos scanned, making those family history slideshows are a wonderful way to share that history with others.  View our VistaPix Media Portfolio for some examples of our slideshows.

Of course, as technology progresses, there will always be more ideas to utilize digital images and we’ll be sure and update you on the latest advances.  But we hope this list has given you some ideas on how to make those images last.  As always, let us know if we can be of assistance!