Our photos hold our memories of our most special moments. We can always look back at our pictures and remember the most precious milestones of our lives. While pictures are important, they are very susceptible to damage and, over time, they begin to fade and become discolored.

The best way to protect your favorite photos from wear and tear is to scan them. By scanning your photos and storing them online, you will have endless access to them. You can print more copies for your friends and family and replace your damaged copy. Best of all, your photos will never be lost.

Consider these great reasons why you should scan your favorite photos:

1. Preserve your memories – While our most special memories remain in our minds, we like to have a keepsake of our treasurable moments. Through scanning your photos, you can preserve your memories, and pass those memories down to your younger family members.

2. Organize your photos – When you scan your photos, you will receive an online image file of each photo. This makes it easier for you to organize and sort through your photos. Rather than having to sift through piles of boxes of old photos, you can quickly look through all your photos online. You can organize your photos into separate folders by date and occasion. Whereas physical copies could get misplaced or unorganized, your online storage center will be easily accessible and well organized.

3.  Give copies to your friends and family – Whether you have pictures of your recent trip to Italy or your child’s birthday party, scanning your photos makes it easy to give copies to your friends and family. With a photo scanning service, you can get as many copies of your photos as you’d like.

4.  Create fun gifts – By making your photos digital, you can great creative with your family gift ideas. You can use your photos to create all sorts of photo merchandise, including calendars, photo books, mugs, mouse pads and pillows.

5.  Restore your photos – When a photo scanning service scans your photos for you, your photos are retouched and colored corrected to restore them to their original condition. The scanning service will undo any damage done by fading or discoloration.

At VistaPix media, we can help you preserve your photos and your most special moments. Visit us online to learn about our bulk picture scanning and get your photos scanned today!