Thanks to advancements in technology, capturing special moments and preserving memories has never been easier. Whether it’s your daughter’s wedding, your son’s college graduation, or a surprise 50th birthday party, you can conveniently record the moment using your cell phone, iPad, iPod Touch, tablet or other device, and effortlessly store and share it.

tapesBut it wasn’t always that simple. Before all of this easy-to-use technology debuted, video cameras were used to capture everything and then the footage was saved on a VHS tape. If you remember those days, you probably have some VHS tapes still stored in your home – maybe even boxes upon boxes of them. While the days of VHS tapes are gone, you’ll still want to be able to preserve your recordings and watch and share them in the future. Fortunately, you can do just that by converting them into DVDs.

Benefits of a DVD

When compared to VHS tapes, DVDs have a heap of advantages. VHS tapes usually have a shelf life of about ten to fifteen years. Each time you watch a VHS tape, the ribbon wears a little bit more and eventually it completely degrades. DVDs, on the other hand, not only have a much longer shelf life (they may be able to last as long as 100 years), but they can also handle a much higher quality video than a VHS.

In addition, VHS tapes require more storage space, which is why you probably have them boxed or piled together in a room. However, long-term storage is actually harmful for VHSs, which can be easily damaged by temperature fluctuations and dust accumulation. DVDs don’t take up as much space, even when kept in individual cases, and can be easily condensed by placing them into a CD folder. DVDs are also incredibly resilient when it comes to damage, as it takes some drastic heat or cold to even affect them, they can be easily dusted, and water doesn’t do anything to them – the only thing that will usually damage them is scratching.

Watch Your DVDs from Anywhere

If you wanted to watch a VHS tape, where would you go? It’s very rare today to find a VHS player in homes, or even sold in stores. However, standalone DVD players are readily available and many desktop computers, laptops, and gaming systems come with a player built in as well. It’s easy to watch a DVD just about anywhere.

Easy to Share

By converting your videos to DVD, you can share them with family and friends in a number of convenient ways. For starters, you could simply make a copy of the DVD, or send a file to recipients via e-mail. You can also upload it online to your preferred social media sites, personal website or a picture-sharing site.

Get Creative

Not only can you watch your DVD content from anywhere and easily share it, but you can get creative with it, too. DVDs make a great gift for friends and family on just about any occasion, and you can even create a unique cover for the video. Another fun idea is to have your family over one night to watch the DVDs and reminisce. These DVDs are also ideal for teaching your children about your family history, which can be especially helpful if they have a school project.

Turning old VHS tapes into digital DVDs is no small undertaking, especially if you have decades of footage. At the very minimum, you’re looking at hours of conversion and recording. The good news is that VistaPix Media offers comprehensive video transfer and photo scanning services to help you avoid all of that work. Get started on preserving your memories by calling us today at 1-866-227-3401!