Every time a birthday or anniversary rolls around, we often find ourselves at a loss for great gift ideas. While jewelry may be sentimental, how many necklaces, rings and bracelets does someone really need? You could always take the easy route and get your wife or grandfather a gift card, but why not choose something more special and personal?

With VistaPix Media, you can help your loved ones treasure their most cherished memories. Check out how your photo scanning and video transfer services can help you make the perfect gift!

1.       Video & Film Transfer

Chances are your family members have old VHS tapes lying around with home videos of your family’s birthday parties, graduations, holidays and sporting events. They may even have old 8 mm film that they are unable to watch anymore. Give them the perfect gift by transferring their old 8 mm film and VHS tapes to a DVD format. A DVD will preserve the quality of the video and has a much greater storage capacity. That way you don’t have to choose just one home video; you can choose several!

2.       Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Services

Does your family member have old photos that are becoming damaged, discolored and faded? With photo restoration, you can preserve their most memorable moments. Photo restoration repairs, retouches and color corrects your photos to make them look just like the original. Whether it’s a picture of their grandparents or them as a child, this is a gift that’s guaranteed to make everybody smile.


3.       Video Slideshow

Video Slideshow services

Video Slideshow services















Video slideshows are a perfect way for your family to relive its most special milestones. A video slideshow is a great way to showcase photos at weddings, family reunions, and anniversary and birthday parties.  Your slideshow will be captured on a DVD, so your family member can cherish and watch it forever.

4.       Family Photo Frames

What better way to show off beloved family photos than with unique photo frames? You can scan and make copies of all their favorite photos and create your own custom frame set. Click here to view great ideas for displaying your photos, including wall collages, upcycled frames, illuminated frames, wallpaper frames and more.

5.       Bulk Photo Scanning

If you’re having trouble choosing a few pictures for a family photo frame or album, don’t worry. With our affordable and professional bulk photo scanning service, you don’t have to choose just a few. Get up to 5,000 pictures scanned for a low as 9 cents per photo. What you create with your timeless photos is up to you. Use them to create a sentimental photo album, a unique photo collage or a cool photo family tree.

How will you use your photos and videos to create the most special family gifts?